Mark's MIGON.

Building the MIGON from plans first published by Chris Reild in the February 2018 edition of RCME

Start by building the wing

Wing complete. Cut out formers and bend undercarriage wire

Add 1/6" sheet balsa to side frames

Making plywood controlle horns

Sheet top and bottom with 1/16" balsa and form cowl from 1/2" sheet

Trimming balsa cowl with suitable tool.

Ensure wings seats and cowl fit snuggly

Covering started and a quirky font selected for decal.

Covering complete and hand cut decals added.

Model weighed exactly as suggested 1 lb 12ozs.

I decided to change the original Migon name to Eco Watt not only because it's green and electric , but as a nod to James watt and Cris Foss's  Wot4 .

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